Chattahoochee is an idyllic representation of the real Florida…the Florida that many remember, most have forgotten, and countless others have never known. High on a hill above the east bank where the Apalachicola River begins its winding journey to the Gulf of Mexico, a walk through our town evokes feelings of both quiet nostalgia and a restless spirit yearning for a vibrant future.

The oldest buildings lining the downtown stand as embattled sentinels. Though many are in various states of disrepair, they steadfastly remain; each having its own story to tell. Listen closely as you stroll by the old Gibson Theater while the sun begins to set over the River, and you might believe you hear the chattering hum of the old projector reel rolling and even swear that you detect a faint scent of gunpowder as if Randolph Scott jumped off the movie screen and his trusty Winchester rifle once again found its mark. Come experience Chattahoochee and play a role in a new chapter of stories yet to be told.

Serene Lake Seminole and the mighty Apalachicola River are a sportsman’s paradise. The dark waters are teaming with largemouth bass and stripers voraciously pursuing their next prey. Come experience Chattahoochee and cast a line to see how quickly your cork goes under and your line runs tight.

The people who make Chattahoochee their home are the greatest treasures of all. It is felt in the kindness of a helping hand in a time of need without a word spoken, and without expectation of a returned favor. It is seen in each wave from behind the wheel as you are greeted by every car and truck that passes. It is evidenced in their quiet dignity and pride because they know they belong to a very special place.

Come to Chattahoochee and rest….sit a spell.…and let your cares drift down the River. You will discover the secret we already know….Chattahoochee is a “beautiful place to call home.”

Benjamin Chandler, AICP
Chattahoochee Main Street
Former Executive Director

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